Friday, January 24, 2014

Mobile game "Happy Mahjong"

Tencent's latest mobile game "Happy Mahjong" has officially landed iOS, players can now experience the real-time mahjong matches on the phone. Tencent effort to build this as a classic chess game quintessence. Stylish simplicity of Chinese style screen, live real-time battle gameplay, accompany you joy every day.
"Happy Mahjong" support through micro-channel and QQ account login game, through victory and wealth ranking QQ friends list with micro-channel competition. Play a few more innings points higher, the number of innings to win more points, the higher, of course, ranked in the "victory points" in the more forward, this is the most direct way to showcase his skills and achievements. The count for the use of authentic international fan rules into low-threshold rule Hu to the winning hand, more than 80 kinds of fan-type scoring, networking mode novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced four selectable ring, powerful high intellectual so are the single play "Happy mahjong" fun stimulus lies.

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